Building a Lobster Trap (Instrucional Speech)

How to Build a Lobster Trap

Introduction: Hello everyone my name is Ben Taxter I have worked in the fishing industry for several years. Today im going to show you the process of building a lobster trap

  I. How to build a lobster trap
      a. The different types of tool that will be used
      b. Gather the supplies that will be needed to complete the assembly
      c. Determine the size of trap, you will build

  II. Preparing the trap parts you will need for assembly
      d. Cutting the pieces of line
            1. line for the bait
            2. line for the doors
      e. Cutting the pieces of bungee cord
            3. Bungee for the door locks
      f. Cutting the wire brace parts for the trap
            4. You will also get a few more pieces when you cut out the entrance in the kitchen, you will then cut those up immediately to not waste time in further steps
      g. Cutting out the two holes in the door for vents and escape door
  III. Bending the wire for main cage and end pieces
      h. Bend the main cage to specs
      i. Bend the end pieces to specs
      j. Bend all corner Braces
      k. Bend bridges

  IV. Assembling the trap
      l. Put the three pieces of wire that are bent together and fasten with pneumatic clip gun
      m. Then Install all corner braces and bridges
      n. Install weights
      o. Install wooden runners
      p. Install crab and small lobster vents
      q. Install heads in the kitchen and parlor
            5. This is a very important part they need to be very taught as to not sag at all!!!
      r. After all lines have been pulled tight cut off the extra line that is hanging down
      s. Put together the door and install using the line cut previously
            6. Put in vents
            7. Escape vent
            8. Door lockers
      t. Install name tag and trap tag#

  V. That is the 101 on making a lobster trap. There are different types of colors you can pick for...