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Consider the Lobster
    The purpose of the essay "Consider the Lobster" by David Foster Wallace is to inform the readers about the Maine Lobster Festival, and some of the moral issues that have been associated with it. Some of the trivial issues Mr. Wallace talks about are lobsters association with social class throughout the generations and many people’s dissents to consider lobsters anything more than something pleasing to eat. There are also other points relating to bigger issues such as how animals are often looked at more like objects than actual living creatures of the sea.

    One descriptive writing pattern being used in the essay is select specific details. Mr. Wallace makes you feel like you are right there with the way he writes.

    I think Mr. Wallace uses this descriptive pattern well because he starts off by telling all of us what there is to expect from the Main Lobster Festival in full detail.   He also talks about what kinds of events will take place that weekend, the different type of lobsters that are served and where you can find them all, and he also goes into details about utensils used, extra expenses, and about how the community around thinks of all this. Mr. Wallace’s purpose for his article was to get people to think about the lobsters, what they have to go through for everyone to be able to attend this festival. He talks about how they are caught, prepared, and finally served to the crowd.   (Consider the Lobster, 2000's)

    Using this type of descriptive writing pattern helps to let your reader feel what you are writing about, and I plan on using it within my essay so the readers can get a feel for what I am writing about.