Build and Maintain Effective Relationships with Children and Adults

How would you build and maintain an effective relationship with children, young people and adults?

Building effective relationships with children, young people and adults is firstly built on first impressions.   This is important for for not only children but equally young people and adults.   Eye contact, facial expresssions, tone of voice and hand gestures are also important, so if talking to a small child bend down to their eye level and speak with a soft toned voice, sound welcoming.  
Everyone thrives on praise, seeing positives, and letting children, young people and adults know that they are appreciated.   If I show respect, listen attentively and engage with the person I am speaking to it will encourage feedback, mutual respect, trust, therefore cutting back on conflicts, disagreements and will gain feedback.
Everyone linked to the school should be aware of the school code of conduct so they know have to behave and what is expected of them, always making sure that this is achievable by all concerned.   This will cut down on conflicts and all everyone will be singing from the same hymn sheet.
It is so important to remember a persons name or name of which they like to be known as including the pronunciation.
All children, young people and adults are individual with there own unique traits be that of there social backgrounds, physical impairments,economic factors and should all be treated equally and encouraged positively.
It is so important to always listen to what a person is saying, see it from their point of view, be objection and engaging and make that person feel valued, safe and avoid stereotyping.

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