For many, Buddhism is the path to personal triumph. Is it possible to obtain internal peace and understanding?
Buddhism, thought of as the path to enlightenment, originated in or around 500 c.e. The original “Buddha”, a generic term for the “enlightened one” is believed to have been a man named Siddhartha Gautama and has its origins from the Hindu faith. The thoughts and beliefs of Buddhism is simple in belief, yet for some difficult to practice. The main belief in Buddhism is that the world is suffering, and the main cause of this is not within the world but within every person in the universe. The path to enlightenment is to understand this, solve this, and to teach the practice to others, thus eliminating suffering.
Twelve miles outside of Chino Valley, Arizona is the location of the Garchen Buddhist Institute, the institute is far from “humanity” in the still and silent Mingus Mountain Range at approximately 5500 feet in altitude.   After turning from the main road onto a dirt road there is a very small sign that lets someone know that they have arrived at their destination, the main gate of the Garchen Institute, but the real indication is the prayer flags that flutter in the breeze. Upon turning onto the institute’s road, which is nothing more than a cattle path wide enough to accommodate one vehicle at a time, a person can sense a very serene and tranquil place. As the path increases in its upward direction on the side of the mountain there appear more prayer flags, everywhere. Eventually, clearing the top of the mountain, the sight of the office and several scattered outbuildings become prominent. From this point vehicle travel is impossible, setting out on foot it is obvious just by the location of the Institute as to how truly impressive this place of worship is and the determination that must be met to even arrive here.
Greeted at the front door of the office by two women named Amy and Trish, once again a person is reminded of just how...

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