Btec Unit 1

Unit 2

Outcome 1, AC 1, 2, 3- table
Complete all columns in the table below.

|Functions/skills of management                   |Functions/skills of leadership                   |Differences between management and     |
|                                                 |                                                 |leadership                             |
|Planning                                         |Setting objectives for the team and the         |Being a leader is a skill of a good   |
|Identifying workloads, responsibilities,         |individual                                       |manager however you can be a manager   |
|collective goals.                               |Planning SMART objectives and making sure the   |without being a leader.               |
|Delegating tasks and responsibility and ensuring|team are aware of them and motivated to meet     |Some managers can identify workloads, |
|employees work together to meet personal and     |them.                                           |delegate and supervise but they do not|
|workforce goals.                                 |Communicating and ensuring open channels of     |inspire, motivate and lead             |
|Planning Staffing requirements and rota’s       |communication.                                   |effectively.                           |
|Recruitment, selection & placement.             |Team Building supporting team members to achieve|In some cases the lack of leadership   |
|Training & development.                         |the goal as a collective                         |can be negated by a strong and         |
|Performance appraisal.                           |Evaluating performance and using training to     |motivated team however in other cases |
|Supervision                                     |support team members to build on weaknesses.     |it can cause a team to fracture and   |
|Leadership                                       |Motivating members of the team through...