Btec L2 Using Specialist Comunication Channels

In this report I will be discussing various methods on how we can stay safe and secure when using a Specialist Communication Channel. A specialist communication channel is a site where you can chat with other people online. The most popular examples of a specialist communication channel are Facebook, Twitter and Blogger. Using communication channels global, you can communicate to anyone in the world without having to call them. Although specialist communication channels are extremely useful, however a user should ALSO always be cautious as there are always dangerous things on communication channels. As explained below there are a number of methods which can be used to stay safe and secure while using a specialised communication channel.

Anyone who connects to the Internet, as a single computer or whole network, should use a firewall. A Firewall can protect both individual computers and corporate networks from security threats such as worms, which attempt to exploit networking protocol to access a remote PC. A computer firewall limits the data that can pass through it and protects a networked server or client machine from damage by unauthorized users. Firewalls can be either software based or hardware based. Software programs that monitor and restrict external access to a computer or network can also serve as firewalls. A good example of a hardware device that has a built-in firewall is a Router. Most routers can be configured to limit traffic from certain IP addresses or block requests based on other criteria. Network firewalls protect an entire network by guarding the perimeter of that network. A network firewall only allows authorized traffic from the Internet to flow in and out of the network. Firewalls can help keep your computer from participating in attacks on others without your knowledge. Host-based firewalls are software firewalls installed on each individual system. A firewall can also log all attempts to enter private network...