Btec Business


You are to use a variety of businesses of your choice and provide examples of what they do to develop relations with consumers to ensure they become loyal customers.

The Loyalty Ladder
Farley’s Irish Dream
Farley’s Irish Dream is a brandy-based liqueur (i.e. a sweet and creamy alcoholic drink) that is popular in most parts of Canada. It is associated with the sports of skiing, bobsleigh and snowboarding. It is most well liked during the months of winter when it is seen as a warming and relaxing treat that is shared with friends and family after participating in winter sports. Farley’s has decided to enter the European market, by targeting countries that have regions with a similar climate, and where the brand associations of winter sports can be exploited.
Design a loyalty ladder for Farley’s explaining each stage of the marketing process that will turn Prospects into Advocates in the new European markets.

Task 1
11- P1, P2, M1, D1





Relationship Marketing Development

1. Choose a business and   describe what the business does to meet the three functions:

Marketing- What marketing have they done?

Quality- How is quality defined in the business, explain.

Customer Service- What customer service is provided in the business, give specific examples?

2. You are to describe why relationship marketing is fundamental to having a successful business, include content from ‘Reasons for development of relationship marketing’, listed below. You are to relate your descriptions to business examples.

3. You are to produce a loyalty ladder that Farley’s Drink company could use to build relationship marketing, also you are to include the augmented product and brand building.( See scenario P2)

You are to research a business, find out its ‘aims and objectives’ (mission statement) and...