Bsm Example

Major Joe Snuffy displayed exceptionally meritorious service from XX April 20XX to XX August 20XX in his exceptional performance of his duties as the (insert position) for the (insert unit) .   His outstanding leadership abilities, unsurpassed dedication to mission accomplishment and his mastery of warfighting-function integration were absolutely critical to the resounding success of the (unit) and the (higher HQ) during OPERATION (current operation).

Major Snuffy led the brigade's 150 Soldier advanced party into (staging area) where he quickly established the conditions for the quick reception, staging, and onward movement for six battalions comprised of over 3300 Soldiers.   Upon arriving at Camp Lost in the Woods and notification that the Garrison was not prepared to receive the unit, Major Snuffy created a planning cell that quickly developed a viable course of action for the reception and life support of the brigade. His detailed planning and personal attention to detail ensured that the unit was properly resourced to complete its mandatory training requirements, 31 other critical training classes, as well as quickly acclimate to a combat theatre.   Ultimately, Major Snuffy's ability and effort allowed the unit commanders, operations officers and intelligence officers to spend minimal time in staging area, allowing them to focus all of their efforts on the relief in place.

Major Snuffy is a proven warrior and consummate team builder whose performance of duty has truly been exceptional.   He is a critical member of the (insert unit) and a key contributor to the Coalition’s efforts in (Operation or country).