Bshs 422 Week 4 Learning Team Relevant Film or Book Report

BSHS 422 Week 4 Learning Team Relevant Film or Book Report
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Select one of the following books or videos, or another appropriate one of your choosing, to use in preparing and presenting a written report on the delivery of behavioral health services to a culturally diverse population:

1.     Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry (book or film)
2.     “Mi Familia/My Family” (film)
3.     The Color Purple by Alice Walker (book or film)
4.     The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan (book or film)
5.     A Time to Kill ( film)
6.     Crash (film)
7.     “American Me” (film)
8.     Save the Last Dance
9.     ‘O’ (film)
10.  Lean on Me (film)
View or read the book or film, keeping an eye on the cultural issues or problems portrayed in the work.
Write a minimum 5-page paper that proposes a plan for delivering culturally competent services to one of the characters (who is a member of a minority group studied in this course) appearing in the book or film that the team selects.
Develop specific culturally competent strategies to address those issues for the identified character. As this character’s assigned human service worker, what plan would you develop for them if, for example, they suffer from acculturation issues and face alienation from his or her family or if they are depressed, anxious, have substance abuse issues, anger management issues or have other mental health or social problems? Consider all of the issues present that this character is faced with and create a comprehensive culturally sensitive treatment plan. Include detail of how the services you are recommending are culturally competent.
Explore the richness of cultural diversity in the setting of the film or book, as well as, the benefits and drawbacks of the character(s) culture as they experience it. For example, what are the benefits or drawbacks of a character being...