Bsbmgt502B - Manage People Performance

BSBMGT502b Manage People Performance TASK 1

  1. People Issues
      a. Identify and establish common understanding of team roles and responsibilities
        i. In a team environment everyone has a role to play. These roles and responsibilities, when carried out correctly make the team work as one efficient unit. Each team member has been picked to perform certain tasks and these tasks will be assigned by the team leader. If a team member is not ready or can’t perform certain tasks then coaching or mentoring will be introduced to bring that member up to speed.
      b. Team Cohesion
        ii. Building team cohesion is important as it makes each member feel needed and a necessary part of the team. This can be done through bonding sessions and general praise for a job well done.
      c. Allocation of work
        iii. This can be done several ways depending on the task(s) required.
            1. Roster
            2. Email
            3. Notices
            4. Verbal
      d. Establish performance expectations and indicators
        iv. After a job interview, the candidate is aware of what is expected from them. If they are successful in obtaining the position then they should perform as expected. KPI’s can be used to monitor a workers efforts and performance as they play their part in the OP.
      e. Building a trusting and open relationship with your team
        v. To build trust a team leader needs to be transparent. The leader must set examples of how tasks should be done or how they are required to be done. Respect and courtesy should always be shown to team members. Be aware of racial and religious factors. Praise for a job well done should always be offered and if a team member needs assistance or coaching this should be done in an inoffensive way. Never ask a team member to do something you would not do yourself as this may cause disharmony amongst the team. Talk to the team as a unit often and ask if they have any issues or do...