Brotherly Love

Staring into the red rose as if it is the blue eyes of his departed Belinda,
whom he wish to see one last time. Unable to accept the fact he is the reason,
Russell reminisces on life before he knew of love and loss...

“Here we go again” said Jonathan, speaking about being the fourth foster family
the brothers have moved to. “Don’t get us kicked out again then!” Russell
replied, but Jonathan ignored his younger brother. Growing up for the two was
never easy, abused by their parents, expelled from school and never really
having a true family or real friends, all they had was each other.

As he stared deeper into the rose, his eyes lightened further.

“Today we are here to talk about your problems” said a tall, strong, confident
and proud woman, with her long, blonde hair flowing freely, her eyes as blue
as the ocean, and her confidence radiating off her. Russell was astonished by
her beauty but also by her confidence, he hang off every word that flowed from
her lips however Jonathan showed his discouragement towards being at the

Flashes forward to after being the councillor/client relationship.

Russell and Belinda soon found themselves on a date; the first thing he gave to
her was a red rose from around the corner from her house. The two became
inseparable to the point where Jonathan felt left out of Russell’s life.
Russell was too wrapped up in his own love life to realize what was happening to
his brother.

As Russell and Belinda Planned their future, a future without Jonathan, he began to
feel neglected to the put of not caring about life. He only loved his brother and
wished for it ot return to the old days of the borthers versing the World, but he
knew that wasn't possible while Belinda was in the picture. He thought about ways he
could escape the situation, conjuring up the idea of murder at one point but realized
this wasn't to fix anything.

Jonathan started returning to his old ways of causing...