Bronfenbrenner Anaylsis

Running Head: Urie Bronfenbrenner's

Urie Bronfenbrenner's Analysis

Sharon M. Cooper

Capella University

Survey of Research in Human Development and Behavior HS 5003

Dr. Stephanie Brooke


Urie Bronfenbrenner was known as the developer of ecological theory.   He was one that studied a vast majority of relationships that connected the developing of children and the relationship between their parents.   In this study he connected the relationships to society, cultural environment social settings along with economic factors.   He created four levels of environmental influences, which is known as the meso-, micro-, macro- and exo- systems.   These systems are all connected to each other representing the degrees of intimate relationships.   The constancy and changes were decided by the passage of time, the chronosystem.   Pondering over the ecological system my life events lead me to work towards my first Master’s of Arts degree were demonstrated through associations within the ecological model.

  At the age of 17, I was one of the top ten in my

graduating class. Upon receiving my high school diploma, I

started pursuing my undergraduate degree and received my

Bachelor’s of Arts degree at the age 21.   After 13 ½ years I

went back to school to follow my dreams by achieving my

first graduate degree.   Reflecting over the years that I

thought I lost and not wanting to undergo this feeling again

I became both a full time student and employee taking

anywhere from 9 to 12 hours per semester.   Seven years

later, which is known as number of completion, wanting to

enhance my experience on my current job I decided to obtain

a second master degree. After evaluating Bronfenbrenner

ecological theory of Development, I would put myself into

the micro system, which had this major setback in me

progressing my education. To put into simple words how

Bronfenbrenner ecological theory of development and how...