Broken Windows

The “Broken Windows” article is a plan put in place to potentially lower the crime rate in certain areas by putting police officers on foot rather than in patrol cars. The theory behind it is that if there are more officers on foot, then the crime rate would decrease because of the officers on foot. Although, the crime rates did not drop, and in some places were even higher, there was a sense of safety in those particular communities. People felt safer with the police on foot and their relationships grew closer because of the officers being put out in the community. In the eyes of the ones who frowned upon the idea, the plan failed. In the eyes of the ones involved in the program, it was successful due to the fact that relationships were built, and the people of those communities now trust the officers. Once you gain the trust of the community, it ultimately makes everyone’s job easier and the crime rate will eventually decrease over a period of time. Change does not happen overnight and sometimes not even over a year, but with the improved relationships people are more likely to report crime and speak up if they witness a crime.
In Seneca, SC there is a Plez-U convenience store that has been hit several times with armed robbery. Most of the armed robberies have been successful and it seems this one in particular gets chosen is because there is a very easy escape route, and to be honest, you just don’t see police officers in that area very often. There are three churches within a one mile radius of the store, which all have preschool programs and daycare programs that go on all day long. There is also one elementary school within one mile, and a middle and high school within three to four miles of the location. The area is also surrounded by elderly homeowners in the town’s historic downtown district. Just around the other corner lies an area that is known for drug activity and crime. Let me add that almost all of the recent robberies have taken...