Briquetting Plant Has the Favor of High Efficiency and Environmental Protection

Why biomass briquettes production. It is also possible that biomass can reduce China’s dependence on energy imports and boost the rural economy. In China, the briquetting plant is a commonly applied device that involves many fields like the heating industry, the paving industry and the mining industry. As the Chinese road building cement production and the infrastructure construction develop rapidly, they will definitely drive the domestic heating industry to prosper.

Biomass briquetteing plant have the potential to be an increasingly cost competitive renewable energy source in China, and still to make a valuable contribution to the overall energy system mainly because of its very low price and the fact that it is renewable. There is still considerable scope for making better use of the existing biomass energy supplies and also for developing new supplies. Moreover, producing power from biomass briquettes can tackle the energy crisis prevailing in the country. China is currently facing serious energy supply problems. Energy demand has been increasing by about 8% per year during the last 12yr and this trend is likely to continue. The high cost of energy mix is the main underlying reason behind the power crisis. A way to counter this problem is to look for fuel sources which are cheap and abundantly available within the country. Charcoal briquetting plant is the right choice. The briquetting plant is widely applied to metallurgy, chemical, coal and refractory matter industries because it can press most powder materials through constraint pressure boost and prepress spirally with precise processing of briquetting plant to make ball bases with bigger density.
In addition, the briquetting process will cause serious abrasion to the roller skin of the fluorite powder briquetting plant, so customers should be careful about the making materials of the machine. We prefer those machines made of wear resisting alloy. The coal briquetting plant is used to press materials...