Brief Overview of Communism

Communism Today
James Minson

Despite popular belief communism is not a dictatorship, though In history it usually ends up as one. As communism is a type of government where the government holds all the power, they own all businesses as communism is based on the fact that all men should be treated equally. As private businesses always lead to wealth hoarding, instead the government controls everything, this can easily lead to corruption, communist nations can easily revert to a dictator policy. Despite it’s promises communism never works as it puts to much power into the government.

Countries Today:
There are not many communist countries left in the world after the fall of the USSR during the cold war. Today the only communist countries are China, Cuba, Vietnam and North Korea.

The positives for communism is actually quite surprising when the policy is implemented correctly and corruption can be strayed. Every man in a communist country is given equal rights, equal pay, houses, land for free. The government knows what to do with each branch of production making them complement each other. This can lead to a rapidly expanding economy.

The economy may shrink as doctors get the same pay as farmers, making a lot of the population not chase an education, making the economy suffer in the long run. Also the people may get discouraged with their job as no matter how hard they work they won’t get a pay rise. Communist countries normally counter this with a emotional appeal, ex. Russia used the possibility of invasion by the capitalistic countries to increase production output.