Bric Countries Nuclear Power Market Share and Size, Trends and Growth, Consumer and Market Insights, Analysis Forecasts 2015-2019

Market outlook of the nuclear power market
Nuclear energy is a reliable power source that can produce uninterrupted, clean energy on a large scale. It is also cheaper compared to fossil fuels as a power source. The increasing power demand in BRIC nations is the key driver for the growth of nuclear power market in these countries. Technavio's market research analyst expects the nuclear power market grow at a CAGR of 13% during the forecast period. In Russia and China, ships and submarines use nuclear energy as a source of electricity, as they need to be at sea for long durations.

The development of nuclear power market in BRIC countries faces strong public opposition due to the safety concerns associated with the nuclear power plants. Post the 2011 Fukushima disaster in Japan, many countries slowed down their nuclear power development plan. Also, disposal of nuclear waste is another challenge for the growth of this market.

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Segmentation by technology and analysis of the nuclear power market
Pressurized water reactor (PWR)
Light water graphite reactor (LWGR)
Pressurized heavy water reactor (PHWR)
Fast breeder reactor (FBR)
Boiling water reactor (BWR)

During 2014, PWR technology dominated the market in terms of installed capacity. The research report predicts that by 2019, PWR technology will continue to dominate the nuclear power market in BRIC countries.

Geographical segmentation of the nuclear market in BRIC countries

Technavio's market research analyst expects that by 2019, China would overtake Russia in the nuclear power market. The rising electricity demand and the drive towards a cleaner environment are anticipated to fuel the growth of the Chinese market. The industrial sector in China is the Market driver for the increased consumption of nuclear energy.

Competitive landscape and key vendors...