Breast Is the Best: What If That's Not an Option?

Breast is the Best: What if that’s Not an Option?
There is plenty of information in circulation that addresses the debate between a mother breastfeeding and the use of formula.   For some new mothers, even mothers’ having a child other than their first, breastfeeding is truly not a feasible possibility.   There are several variables that can affect whether or not a mother has the choice of whether or not to nurse their child.   Some of the factors could be due to physical or emotional issues with the mother or it could be an issue with the child.  
One of the potential ailments that could keep a woman from breastfeeding is surgery on her breast.   There are multiple types of operations that could affect the ability to breastfeed, such as a breast reduction or breast implants.   The problem occurs when an injury occurs to the supply of nerves that connect to an individual’s back.   (Ministry) Conversely the same affliction is possible when the operation is performed on the person’s back with the same chance of injury to the nerves leading to the breast.   Another condition that could lead to the inability to nurse is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.   The result of this condition is the mother having a low supply of breast milk. Low supply issues can also be caused by other hormone deficient situations such as thyroid disease. (Ministry)  
Sometimes the physical ailments don’t render the woman unable to breastfeed, but may limit whether or not she is advised to breastfeed.   An example of this would be a mother that is HIV positive.   Another case would be if a mother is undergoing chemotherapy or receiving radiation. In the case of chemotherapy and radiation, it is viewed as more a potentially temporary situation that may allow the individual to breastfeed in the future.   One very important factor that would cause a doctor to advocate against breastfeeding is using drugs of addiction, such as a prescription given for depression. In this situation the drug can be passed to...