Break from Rome

Break from Rome

In 1531 darkness engulfed the streets of England. The king, known as defender of the faith, had a difficult decision to make. To be head of his own church, with the love of his life, money, power, land and possibly have a male heir or , alternatively, stay a true catholic and   protect himself against the rebellious catholic citizens of his country. The break from Rome was a time when Henry viii broke away from the pope’s authority, and the catholic faith. This decision would change England forever.


Henry wanted a male heir.

Henry had been married to Catherine of Aragon for almost 20 years. She had given birth to a girl, Mary, but no son had survived infancy. However he wanted and needed a male heir and Catherine was too old to have any more children, but Henry was not. In those times a Queen could not rule.

Henry wanted to divorce Catherine of Aragon and he loved Anne Boleyn

Henry had been married to Catherine of Aragon for two decades. They had produced a healthy daughter but unfortunately no son. Catherine was old and Henry loved the young and beautiful Anne Boleyn. He desperately wanted her hand in marriage.

Anne Boleyn had become pregnant.

In 1533, Anne Boleyn was pregnant with Henry’s child so he had to marry her soon otherwise the child would be known as illegitimate.  

Henry believed his marriage to Catherine was sinful.

Catherine had previously been married to Henry’s brother, Arthur. Arthur had died after only four months of marriage to Catherine and Henry had then married Catherine. Henry desperately wanted a son. He began to believe that God was punishing him for marrying his brother’s widow, something the bible said was wrong.

The pope wouldn’t grant henrys’ divorce

As time went on Henry became more desperate. He finally decided to break from the Pope’s authority as head of the Roman Catholic Church and to make himself head of the Church of England. The...