Bread Talk

Bread talk group is a young and promising company which has been rapidly expanding its business locally and internationally. With our open concept kitchen, we present our produce in attractive packaging. The objective of this report is to analyze the external forces and how we can improve.
Bread talk Group was founded in year 2000 by a man call George Quek; He came from Australasia, a place which has many great innovation and entrepreneurs over the past one two decades.   Bread talk became well known by selling fresh baked breads that are visually attractive and creative, more well-known bread was known as the pork floss bun and they also claimed to be Singapore’s first bread boutique. Today bread talk has spans across 13 countries with their specialty. Most outlets were styled in an open kitchen concept thus allowing people from outside to look into the kitchen where chefs are making the bread and pastry from the beginning, the wall are in white and the white plastic and glass shelves like are used to display the bread creating aroma and colors to attract customers into the shops, special plastic carriers and given according to what kind of bread u buy. As the business grow bread talk venture into restaurant and food atria business, by first taking in Ding Tai Fung for the Xiao long bao follow by launching food republic wisma atria, Singapore then Toast Box. I am privilege to have joined this company in 2002 and have since written a proposal to my CEO GOH TONG PAK during my first month at work. The proposal described the prevailing situation of the company then and the way to move forward in the following 5 years.
The general business environment for bread talk has not really been a smooth journey, firstly in the political factors, as the world faces increasing globalization and slacker trade barrier, bread talk faces the challenge to compete against unknown forces in the business and fighting over on who have the better quality ingredients available from...