Brave New World

To what extent is the utopian society ideal for its citizens?

Each member of society is controlled through the hypnopaedic methods to ensure that they each believe they are the best caste but also to respect other castes.

What similarities can be drawn between each text in regards to what constitutes a utopian society?

There are five different groups of citizens each one has been farmed in different ways in order to achieve a desired result. They are physically impeded and mentally impeded when they are grown by in vitro methods. When young, children are educated by hypnopaedic methods which changes their thought processes and solidifies the acceptable thoughts and behaviour chosen by the New World. This process also teaches them they are the best caste and hence there is no desire to change. They are controlled by a drug called soma which acts as a hallucinogenic. The ideas of family, romance, pregnancy and parenting are foreign concepts to most people and are no longer relevant in society.

How do characters cope with a utopian society?

Because everyone is so heavily reliant and addicted to the drug soma, when in low supply of the drug a person begins to feel sick. This happens to Lenina when she visits the reservation. An alpha caste person is allowed to develop naturally and also isn’t exposed to mind altering hypnosis, this means that their thoughts are free and capable of making perception. Bernard who is frequently laughed upon by his co workers due to his differences in height, spends lots of time alone because he is shunned by his peers. During his many nights alone he begins to experience individual thought and this progresses more and more until he is able to perceive logical differences in his surroundings. This shows that in a utopian society if one person is different in any way, this can cause them to rebel consciously or unconsciously against the utopian system and interpret that they can escape.

Lenina is the prime example of a...