Brave New World

Idea: How humans are designed to be the same.
Concrete detail: In the beginning of the book, the Director of Hatecheries and Conditioning shows his new students the Central London hatchery and conditioning centre where they learn about test tube babies. in the brave new world, people are designed to live in a community where ten world leaders guide them. the system they follow by has five castes and they are born chosen to be one of the Alpha, beta, Gamma, Delta or Epsilon. the test tube babies are made through Bokanovsky and Podsnap Processes which makes millions of almost identical human embryos. later in the book, the boys learn about hypnopaedic method also known as sleep teaching which is used for infants while they're sleeping.
Quote: "And this," said the Director opening the door, "is the Fertilizing Room." . Chapter 1
Commentary: the brave new world has been going for many years now and the system they live by are keeping people away from revolting against their leaders. people are all created with same embryos, being borned through technology like test tubes which makes them think alike. also they are taught by hypnopaedic from young ages even before they could talk so they have been brainwashed ever since. making people in those unbelievable ways by designing them makes it difficult for an individual to revolt against the brave new world and this shows how "utopia" will last for them.
idea: moral degradation and moral integrity.
concrete details: in the garden, girls and boys are running around naked playing with one another. Huxley describes one boy and a girl who are playing together. a rudimentary sexual game. by seeing that the Director is pleased as if that was something you would compliment about. but in one scene, a nurse is taking a boy to see Assistant Superintendent of Psychology because she noticed that the boy wasn't comfortable playing with a girl in a sexual way. the little girl who is hurt by that is told to play with other...