Brave New World Plot

Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley, is a story that is part of utopian literature.   This is is an imaginary society organized to create ideal conditions for human beings, eliminating hatred, pain, neglect, and all of the other “evils” of the world. However, in “Brave New World” it is the exact opposite. A dystopia human beings are forced to ignore these evils, and have no say in it.

Most of the story happens in England, and in a “Savage Reservation” during 2540 A.D. or 632 years “after ford”, which means that their calendar started after the first Model T car was started by Henry Ford. This show how it is a society that worships technology to the extreme.

The story begins in a Hatching and Conditioning Centre in London. The director of the place, Henry Foster, is giving a tour to a group of students. This is a place where embryos are born, or “decanted” as they call it. Some of these embryos are divided many times, resulting in up to 11000 twins. The rest of the embryos aren’t touched because they are the ones who will become the “Alphas” of that society. The embryos who where divided, were given different chemicals like alcohol during their conditioning, so they’re not as smart as the “Alphas”. Everything is described as extremely technology dependant.
Once the embryos are decanted, they’re put on a hypnopaedic treatment, where the babies are put to sleep, and are repeated the same rhyme over and over again, so it gets firmly implanted into their brain. This is done in order to give them a sense of “values” and to tell them what’s right, and what isn’t. Once the babies grow into infants, there are encouraged to get involved in erotic games with each other so they can get used to this sexuality, and they’re also encouraged to play games using complicated apparatuses in order to make them spend their money on such things once they grow up.
In the future there are no parents, humans are bred from different genetic strains and conditioned according to...