Brassica Repa

Joni Stanush      
Paper 3
Professor browning
October 8, 2010
Paper 3
                The central idea in Joyce Carol Oates short story, " Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?," is how being young, pretty and wanting to grow up to fast can get you into bad positions that are almost impossible to get out of. The main character, Connie, is a young pretty teenage girl who has two different life’s, all she cares about is music and guys but she soon realizes that older guys can and will over power her and put her life in danger. The mood in the story also changes, from Connie being a rebellious girl in the beginning of the story, to a scared helpless teenage girl. These two moods can be musically represented in the beginning by Green Days, "She's a Rebel" by starting   it towards the end of her encounter with Eddie and then closing the story out with Bob Dylan's "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue." Both songs set the mood and tone for both scenes by displaying Connie trying to be the young charismatic teen who finds herself in a predicament where her young age is apparent.
                "She's a rebel, she's a Saint. She's a salt of the Earth and she's dangerous," are the opening lines to Green Days, "She's A Rebel." The song would fade in after Connie glares at the guy in the gold painted convertible, then she turns back. It appears that she is almost intrigued and he laughs and says, "Gonna get you, baby. (989)" The volume of the music would pick up when Connie turns back around and continues on with her "date" with the new guy Eddie. Continuously playing the song until she arrives back at the movie house five minutes before time and fades out when her father arrives to pick them up. The mood during this time is somewhat of a rebellious one. For example, in this story Connie and her friends “Sometimes they did go shopping or to a movie, but sometimes they went across the highway, ducking fast across the busy road, to a drive in restaurant where older...