Nike is a brand that I am passionate about. This is one of the, if not the shoe seller in the World. They have been around for many years and continue to adapt to the changing and challenging times. Nike deals with other items besides shoes, they are also very diverse in being involved in clothing and accessories that span across many sports.
The reasons I am so passionate about Nike is because they know how to market each item to their targeted audience. The marketing to adults and kids varies greatly. Kids may be steered toward wanting a product just because of who is wearing that particular product, such as their favorite athlete or movie star. Nike does a great job at signing star athletes such as Lebron James and Michael Jordan.
The second reason I am passionate about Nike is because of brand loyalty. Nike has been around since I was a child and every one I grew up around was wearing Nike so that was the cool thing to do, now that I am an adult I am loyal to the brand because that’s what I wore growing up. Nike came up with this great idea to bring out again the older shoes from when I grew up and call them retro. This idea has generated millions and has not cost the company anything as far as designing a brand new shoe to bring to the market.
The third reason I am passionate about Nike is because of the quality of the gear they put out. The quality of the clothes and material that the customer receives is very high. The products I have bought from Nike have lasted me many years and I continue to enjoy their clothes and shoes to this day.
Two competitors of Nike are Reebok and Adidas. These two companies are good at what they do, but I prefer Nike over them both because of my style preference.   Nike does a good job of making their products where any person with a different sense of style will be able to find something that fits their personality.   I am very brand loyal also so that plays a big part in why I prefer Nike over its competition.