Brain Structures

Five Major Structures of the Brain
There are many different structures of the brain. Each part of the brain works together in order to allow a person to function, feel, respond, think, and even process information. Each second of every single day, a person’s brain is obtaining information, including that information that we don’t even realize it is taking. It tells you when to blink, when to cough, when to sneeze, and when to breath in order to keep you alive. There are five major structures of the brain that I will be discussing in this though that fits along with psychology and how a person is studied for the likes of psychology.
The first structure that I will be speaking about is called the myelencephalon. This section of the brain, also known as the medulla, is a part of the hindbrain. This part of the brain is also referred to as the brain stem. The medulla is the most posterior division of the brain. It consists of mainly tracts that carry signals between the rest of the brain and the body. The reticular formation is something that is very interesting in a psychological perspective. This part of the brain is responsible for a huge role in arousal. Though this is the case it also plays a huge part or is involved in functions such as sleep, attention, movement, and maintaining muscle tone. Also, it maintains various cardiac, circulatory, and respiratory reflexes.
The second part of the major structure is the metencephalon. This section of the brain is another place that you would find many ascending and descending tracts as well as part of the reticular formation. These structures form a bulge known as pons that is found on the brain stem’s ventral surface. This is one major division of the metencephalon. The other major division of the metencephalon is the cerebellum.
The cerebellum is a very important sensorimotor structure. With damage to this particular part of the brain, the person can’t control the ability to precisely control their own movements...