Brain Function

Meagan Murray
May 1, 2011
Psychology 240
The Brain Structures and Functions
Donna Busarow

                  What are the five major structures of the human brain? They are the Myelencephalon, the Metencephalon, the mesencephalon, the Deincephalon, and the Telecephalon.   In this will essay I will describe each of the five major structures and their. functions.

The first of the five major brain structures is the myelencephalon.   “This structure is also known as the medulla and is the most posterior division of the human brain. The myelencephalon is composed mostly of tracts that carry signal between the rest of the brain and the body” (Pinel,   2009 p. 65-68 ).   In this structure of the brain you will find the reticular formation, which is a complex network made up of about 100 tiny nuclei . The reticular formation is located in the central core of the brain stem and reaches from the posterior boundary of the mycelencephalon   to the anterior boundary of the midbrain.

The functions of the myelencephalon   are playing a role in arousal, assisting in maintaining balance and equilibrium, movement coordination and condition of sensory information, and too control the autonomic functions such as breathing, heart rate and digestion.

The second division of the brain is the metencephalon. This structure houses ascending and descending tracts and part of the reticular formation. The structures in this part of the brain create bulges called pons on the brain stems ventral surface. This section of the brain is divided in two sections; pon and cerebellum.   The cerebellum is a large , convalated structure on the brain stems dorsal surface. The cerebellum is an important sensor motor structure.   This section of the brain is the anterior part of the hindbrain ventral to the cerebellum (Nueroscience Information Framework, 2010).

There are many functions of the metencephalon. This section of the brain is responsible for human arousal. Balance is...