Bp Key Tends

What are the key trends likely to affect the company over next decade?
The rise of terrorism which represent as challenge to free democracy and market, and with economic miracles like that of china and India are giving fears to western world .climate change has become biggest reason to fear for global world and in this scenario the concern for company like British petroleum about their insufficient energy supply due to oil supplies passing through their peak is important to think.
The oil shortage or supplies passing through their peak is biggest concern for many energy companies , according to many there just five to six years left for oil recourses to come to its peak but according to BP it’s not a concern because there are lots of recourses that needed our affords to be located .
According to BP there is lots of oil and gas beneath the floating ice of Arctic, and they believe that one day they have technology to reach those recourses. There certain basins that are discovered to have large volumes of oil and gases which need to extract and BP is already doing it in North America with the help of new technology.
Need for substitute for oil recourses is in continuous search for better development and future. Many industries including BP are investing in research and development in this field with the other economic rich countries who want to see their future bright.
BP is advocating it concern for Environmental changes which led into depletion of recourses by investing in energy mix which involves recourses from wind to fuels. Its continuous affords to safe environment by carbon footprints by investing in technology which keep energy safe and free from CO2 emission.
crisesof oil shortage are already have its effects on demand and supply in the market which results in high rise oil prices around the globe. According to BP there is less supply of oil in the market and more demand from a decade which Leeds into many political and economic scenarios...