Boy Wiyh Toy Plane

Boy with a toy plane

Boy With a Toy Plane

Shedell Satcher

February 27, 2011

Art Appreciation

Boy with a toy plane

For this paper I went to the SCAD Museum of Art, and a painting that stood out to me with the painting by Aaron Douglas called Boy With a Toy Plane. This painting was created in 1938 and it is an oil on canvas painting. What stood out about the painting was that the boy in the painting was holding the toy with no joy in his face. He has almost a sad face and he is holding the toy like it’s something special to him.
When I looked at this picture it invoked an emotion of sorrow for the boy in the painting. I kept saying to myself there must be much sadness in this child’s life because he is sad even with a toy. When I see this painting and look at the time period I think the artist is saying even with toys that our children hold dear to them there is still sadness from everyday life. The child in the painting clothes were dirty and too big but his toy was bight blue and almost had a shiny look to it. To me it portrays so much about struggle and triumph.
If I was to describe this piece of work I would start with the floor in the painting. The floor is the only thing in the painting that has any pattern to it because of the two
Boy with a toy plane

different colors that alternate in the painting. The boy is sitting on an old chair that had what looked like wheels on the legs of the chair. The boys shirt is green and his pants are brown and look like they are dirty and appear like they may have a hold in the knee. Both items of clothing are huge compared to the size of the child.
The boy is looking to the side with a look of sorrow and both hands are holding his airplane. There is not much color in the painting only his shirt and the squares on the floor, the rest of the painting is different shades of brown or tan. This artwork is considered representational art. “Representational art depicts the appearance of...