Boy Bands Should Be Banished

Boy Bands Should be Banished

Somewhere, Simon Cowell is standing in a huge factory, gleefully rubbing his hands as he pushes a button to start the manufacturing process of yet another stereotypical boy band. Their plastic features and artificial voices fail to impress me. They are embarrassing and pathetic. Nothing could ever posses me to indulge in their music or go to see these talentless celebrities live. Whenever I find out there is a new boy band out there I roll my eyes and sigh. Here are some of my issues: I have stopped listening to countless radio stations due to the ridiculous amount of times I have to listen to these bands, within one minute of listening to ‘One Direction’ I usually feel a headache coming on; none of them have enjoyable music. Their songs are tedious and meaningless. Their musical careers are a joke and I believe that these bands are just on stage to make money from hormonal teenage girls. Unless they start to write their own music, develop their own personalities and start to sing properly I think it’s time we banned the bands.  

These bands seem as if they are stuck together piece by piece, like generic dolls in bland factories who are packaged and ready to deliver to their vacuous fans.   This is because their managers have already molded the path of their career out for them. Simon Cowell stated: “I loathe manufactured boy bands, but One Direction are different.” Really? Really Mr. Cowell? I’m quite sure that One Direction are just the same as the rest, (possibly worse) but I agree with the idea that all the other bands are simply manufactured. They are told what to wear, how to look, what to say, how to present themselves… I think that’s what irritates me the most. They can never be themselves; instead they are made to look ignorant and simple-minded. Some obsessive fan girl may argue that these boy bands actually have talent but I would obviously have to disagree. Their managers have the aptitude to make them famous, the boy...