Bowling for Columbine Public

Who else should see this documentary? Why?
Bowling for columbine is an interesting documentary from the director Michael Moore about a massacre occurred in a high school named columbine, and other weapon-relationated things around North America.
The people that should see this documentary it would be: every person in the world, yes like a write it, every person in the world, the important of this documentary should be considered around the world, but I’m going to be more considered about that practically nobody care’s except a few people in the world, but in the case of America only I think that every people in north America saw this documentary, because of the important fact to making America a peaceful country and no more blood be stirred, especially young people’s blood, we need to make the young people get out of problems and no more fears and ignorance will be in the united states of America, we can make a good country if we teach our   children’s all the good things of being human without the violence and we can make.
Taking some of the ideas of the documentary, I think the same thing as Michael Moore about the things that generate violence in U.S.A.: the fear and the ignorance, like in the south states of that country every people have at least one gun on their homes, and that’s a bad idea, because of the example that they teach to his sons and family, anybody could use a gun even a little kid, that’s bad because of the violence that the adult movies have and the children watch them too.
Mi reflection about this documentary is the simple idea of male a peaceful country and make conscience around America with this documentary, that’s all, thank you.
The best part of the documentary was the interview to Marilyn Manson and the part that Moore asks Marilyn: if you can tell something to the children what it would be? And Marilyn says: I won’t tell them anything, I would listen something from them, because that’s something that no one have ever done....