Bottled Water Industry

Assignment:   Bottled Water Industry Analysis
LaShanwda S Surles
MGT 330
Instructor:   Eboni Hill
May 30, 2011

The industry in which I have an interest in would be the bottled water industry.   In my research the bottled water industry was a great success in the beginning and still is to a certain extinct.   Before the bottled water many of us were getting our water from the tap or faucet and drinking from glasses or cups, but now there is a variety of bottled water even some with a kick of flavor.   According to Bottled Water (2011), North America is growing forcefully in bottled water, and is the beverage industry’s fastest growing segment.   Major companies like Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, and Hansen Natural Corporation, along with the US operations of Cott and Nestle are North America’s dominant markets for bottled water today (First Research, 2011).   Even though there maybe some positive of the bottled water industry there are some negative perceptions as well when it comes to the environment.   In addition, this paper will discuss the impact of the General and Task environments in the bottle water industry with the use of different forces that help with keeping this industry operating, especially in areas of sales, satisfaction, threats and outside influences.
It begins with the general environment which is defined as the force that can have profound effects on forces in the task environment, effects that may not be evident to managers (Jones & George, 2011).   In the general environment the economic force is considered to be a big threat, and in the bottle industry there has been substantial economic growth in the United States, making it the largest market worldwide. Then there are sociocultural and demographic forces that forces managers with opportunity and threats in this industry due to the changes of the economy (Jones & George, 2011). By targeting different customer groups like those in fitness and those who drink...