Botching an Interview

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What do nail biting, answering your cell phone, and lying have in common? They are all ways to blow an interview.

According to a recent survey, hiring managers identified the top mistakes job candidates make. Read on about the worst qualities you can display in an interview and real-life examples.

1. Poor Communication Skills
A candidate who has bad grammar, talks too much, or does not listen is a red flag. Being too open during the interview is a killer, too. You should be candid, but don't spill your guts with all your personal problems. And think before you speak - one candidate at a drug treatment facility asked if they drug-tested and if there was advance notice.

2. Poor Performance or Preparation
Yes, there are job seekers who don't prepare or even know what job they're interviewing for. Physical ticks like lack of eye contact or extreme gestures and movement turned off employers. Other candidates simply flaked out - answering a cell phone, eating a sandwich, or jumping up out of the chair and falling down.

3. Negative Attitude Displayed
Hiring managers are turned off by unenthusiastic, bored or arrogant behavior. Using profanity, acting cocky, or putting down a previous boss will quickly turn off an interviewer. One 37 year-old candidate said the only reason he was seeking a job was because his mother wanted him to.

4. Inappropriate Appearance
Improper dress and grooming can jeopardize an interview, too. Ladies, this is not a pick-up opportunity, don't dress like you're going clubbing. Guys, jeans and a t-shirt are not acceptable. Countless hiring managers cited instances of candidates who obviously did not bathe. Think that's bad? Said one employer, "One candidate did not wear shoes to the interview. How you can forget your shoes?" Oh, and please be sober.

5. Lying on Resume or During Interview
Do you...