Border Patrol

Border and Regulatory searches

                                  Cameron Boyd

The border and regulatory search is a process that was formed to protect the United States from contraband, and illegal activity that could affect the welfare of American citizens as a whole. Border searches are performed at airports, seaports, and highways. Border searches are performed by government officials known as border as “border patrol” and other international officials. Border searches protect U.S citizens from terrorist activities, illegal drugs from entering, and illegal immigrants. Regulations protect citizens of the United States from unlawful activity. On the flip-side the fourth Amendment right does not apply to search and seizures on the border. Since September 11 border regulations have become very strict in pursue of preventing another tragedy such as 911. Border and regulatory searches are conducted on actual borders, fixed checkpoints away from the border; patrol is a necessary tactic in which border patrol monitors the border line. A search of international mail is also a form of border and regulatory search it is done to prevent contraband and communication from terrorist who can be a great threat to the United States. Protection is vital in regards to patrol on air and water all areas that allow boats to enter the U.S should be monitored to prevent criminal activity by foreigners. Most regulatory searches deal with government because they have the power to protect all Americans. The government makes sure that all inspections ensure safety protocol. Regulatory searches made by border patrol, simply provides protection within our perimeter. Border patrol and regulations firmly protect our country from harm. Border searches have been authorized by congress which means a warrant is not necessary, based on regulations that commerce with foreign nations, and helps to...