Elderly Discrimination

Description of event:
A group of teenage girls were shopping in Macy’s; there were elderly woman in the store as well. The girls were looking at clothes that were more on the trendy side, a few of the girls were on their phones having a good time, laughing and carrying on. The elderly women saw the girls acting in such a manner and were upset that throughout the years, modesty has become less of a priority in this day and age. They complained how teenagers were on their phones constantly, that technology has “taken over”. They commented on the excessive amount of jewelry and makeup that was worn by this new generation. The younger girls looked at the elderly ladies and began to prejudge (stereotype) them as well. They commented on how old fashioned they were dressed and how little makeup they wore. How technologically ignorant they were, and how slow they walked. When they tried politely passing and saying “excuse me” the elderly women did not hear them. This drove them to becoming rude with the ladies the second time they asked them to move out of their way. Both parties proceeded to the checkout line. The teenagers arrived at the register the same time that the elderly women did. Upon arrival the clerk being a respectful woman around the age of thirty kindly asked the elderly up to the register first. The teenagers became frustrated with the clerk and began to verbally express their disgust.

Why did this happen?
More commonly in this century, teenagers are not raised with the respect for the elderly like the adults that were raised before them. Seeing as the elderly have lived longer than us younger folks, we should have utmost respect for them. Most teenagers have the attitude of, “I am the best there ever is and was, no one can overrule that statement!” Honestly though, younger people have less experience in this world, therefore we should cherish everything about the elderly. They have taught me so much growing up. For...