“Books will soon go the way of the dinosaurs” do you agree?

We are living in a world where information and materials are simply compiled in a small handy electronic device, and with one single touch-no flipping of pages- all resources appear on the screen. We, who enjoy the conveniences of scientific age, have adapted to living in a more profound society and become more efficient in the pursuit of information. Some would say, therefore, paper back or hard copy books will be soon gone in history, however I m of the firm belief that electronic books have too severe limitations for them to override the printed book, and that it would be risky to attempt to do so.
In modern times, scientists the world over have recognized the increasing probability of electromagnetic waves overwhelming global electronic systems. It is hardly an unexpected occurrence: solar storms have been a common phenomenon observed for centuries. What is uncommon, however, is the increasing frequency at which such storms occur, there is a real fear-aggravated, in no small measure, by Hollywood blockbusters-that a massive solar system is overdue, and likely to hi in December 2012. A world that is unprepared for such a catastrophe would quickly find itself floundering in a nightmare of dead machines and rampened panic. Any information that is stored in electronic form, needless to say, would at best be inaccessible, and at worst be irretrievably erased. The printed word, in effect, would be the only remaining source of human knowledge that can be transmitted from one generation to another.
Books, other than having the usual function of preserving knowledge, also has the wonderful ability to provide comfort an solace to many in times of emotional need, too often, in the rat race ,that has become the highly competitive society of today, we find ourselves ignoring over inherent need for emotional development, focusing instead on the necessity of earning a living, books written by those who have...