Books for Boys

Books for Boys Project: Writing a Book Review                                 Shaiyon Pathmasri 10C
‘Just Sixteen’. No, that’s not how old I am; it’s the name of a brilliant book written by Jean Ure. Written in 1999, you may think this book is old and unreadable. But no, this book is still fresh with imagination and flair. The genre of this book is ‘love, ‘friendship’ and ‘sex’. Anyone from 14 onwards can read this book because it does contain adult themes and younger readers won’t understand what the story is all about. I chose this amazing book firstly because of the title ‘just sixteen’ which made me curious. Then I read the blurb and that was when I chose this book.   Overall I simply love this book because of the gripping storyline which kept me in my seat from morning to evening. You can still feel the heat from the chair I sat on when I read this book.
The book is about a 15 year old boy called Sam and his mates who enjoy boasting about their success with girls, until Sam meets Priya. Suddenly, girls are no longer just sex objects or trophies. He can actually talk to Priya and he cares about her. But of course he fancies her too, and Priya feels the same way about him. Making love feels right for both of them. But what happens when Priya discovers she is pregnant? It’s an ordinary, simple story which is told from a humorous (SAM’S) point of view. The main issues it supports are teenage pregnancy which is becoming a major problem in the world we live in. It also deals with family life and peer pressure.
The main characters in this story are Sam and Priya. Sam is a young boy surrounded by friends who boast a lot about having sex with girls. He would like to join in their conversations but he never does because he loves Priya and he doesn’t want to ruin his friendship with her. Priya is a sophisticated, young girl who talks a lot about issues such as religion, global warming and nuclear bombs etc. but also is very girlish and giggles with her friends over...