Book Review

5 December 2012
Book Review for Nonfiction
1. Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl was written by Anne Frank.   Anne Frank had many purposes of writing this book, which started out as a dairy.   Anne addresses her diary as a friend to write and share what is going on throughout her life and the war occurring.   She had no intention of her diary being published or read.   Later throughout her diary, she comes up with an idea to write down all of her experiences, so that maybe others will read it and learn more about what had happened during the war. Anne is speaking in first person and from the perspective of a young girl.   Her emotion throughout the book was emotional, fear, insecure, and critical of others including her.
2. Anne Frank shows us that dreams, achievements, and hope can go through the difficult times of life, and are always reasoned to never give up and to keep going.   The theme of Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, was the loneliness of adolescence.   The book also showed inward versus the outward self, and the generosity and greed during the time of war.
3. The diary that Anne Frank had written was during a rough time.   The time took place on June 12, 1942- August 1, 1944 in Amsterdam, Netherlands during the time of World War II.   Anne Frank and her family and friends were living and attempting to hide from the Nazis persecution of Jewish people, considering they were Jewish.   Anne Frank was feeling very lonely and is being misunderstood by the people around her at that time.   Being misunderstood, it provides the impetus for her dedicated and committed writing and coloring in her diary.   In the beginning of the diary, she writes about her social life and living with her family and friends.   Besides the writing of her social life, Anne shows and expresses gratitude of the diary, and that it can act as a confidant with whom she can vent and share her innermost thoughts.   She feels very comfortable discussing and venting into her diary, and even...