Boo Radley

To kill a mockingbird short story
Why? Is the question that Boo Radley asked himself?   Why did he do what he did on the eventful day? A great feeling inside of him came out. His father had always been very abusive and therefore he is emotionally damaged by it. He has been locked up in his house since he associated with the wrong people and got into a lot of mischief. The entire town believes he is a horrible person but inside he is not. On that day Boo was sitting on the back porch reading a book. Boo was a tall man with a thin mouth and thin hair. He looked sickly white like he had never seen the sun and his eyes were grey, almost as if he was blind.
He was wondering why the lights were on at the school auditorium behind his house. It was a Saturday night. Must be some sort of play he thought to himself. While he was reading he heard a cough and he saw a man standing behind the big oak tree. It was Bob Ewell. Boo didn’t know what bob was doing but then he saw him holding what appeared to be a knife. Then he saw the Finch kids walking from the auditorium. This made him ponder about all the things he’d done for them. All he wanted was some friends and love of some sort, so he had always been helping them. He mended Jem’s pants when they were torn on the fence, left small presents in the knot hole in the tree outside. He was worried at the danger they were in, but also confused as to why anyone would want to hurt these children. When he saw them getting closer to Bob he knew he had to do something.
Boo stood up watching the children pass the tree. Scout had some sort of costume on probably from the play she was just in. The children then heard Bob as he was creeping around the tree. Bob stalled for a minute then started chasing after the children. At that point Boo started running after Bob through the garden and over the fence trying to save the kids. Bob pushed both kids over and started stabbing at scouts costume with his knife.   Boo pulled Bob off her,...