Jan 11, 2012 (ESTK version 3.8)

ExtendScript Toolkit CS6 ReadMe
1. Overview
This document contains a list of new features, changes, and known issues in this ExtendScript Toolkit CS6 (ESTK) release. It also describes a few hidden gems, like additional Preferences settings.


Updates in CS6
The ExtendScript Toolkit comes with a number of improvements related to its usability:     Added “Reveal in Explorer” menu option for documents open in ESTK. Added app.clc() to clear the console while executing a script with “ExtendScript Toolkit CS6” as target. Theme and UI changes Bug fixes. 


Document backup preference
The ESTK provides the ability to automatically back up documents whenever you modify them in any way. The Documents section of the Preferences dialog now provides the option Backup documents automatically. By default, the option is off. When you select this option, you must also set a value for After __ seconds. This is the number of seconds to wait after making a change before creating the backup. The delay period begins when you modify a document; if you open a document and do not modify it, no backup is created. If you make another modification after the backup is created, the backup file is updated. When you start a debug session, all open documents are backed up, regardless of their modification state.

2.1.1. Backup files Backup files are created in the backup/ folder, which is a subfolder of Preferences/:
 

In Windows: User Folder\Application Data\Adobe\ExtendScript Toolkit\3.6\backup In Mac OS: User Folder/Library/Preferences/ExtendScript Toolkit/3.6/backup

The backup file names concatenate the marker BK, a unique identifier and the actual document name, separated by #. For example: BK#12345#chromeless FlashPlayer.jsx If backup files are available, they are listed in the Files > Recent Files menu with their complete name. When you save a modified document, the backup file for that document is removed. When you quit...