Boeing - Internal and External Factors Uop Wk3

Technology and innovation are the two of trademarks of Boeing.   The Boeing Company is always on the forefront of technology and remains a successful business today.   Boeing is in an industry that thrives on new technology, and those that innovate and use new technology first and fastest wins. The history of Boeing Company began with William Boeing in Seattle Washington (Boeing, 2011).   The first biplane was a twin float seaplane designed and made by William Boeing and George Conrad Westervelt at Boeing’s boathouse. This was the start of a 96-year love affair with technology and aviation.
Although most think of Boeing as an aviation company, the company is also a computer information company.   In 1970 Boeing formed an independent firm called Boeing Computer Services (BCS) (Boeing, 2011).   This company was an innovative result of Boeing needing new income and using the company’s new knowledge in a different way.   “Within three years, BCS had six sales offices to market five commercial computer products -- including BCS/Mainstream, a time-sharing computer service used by 148 government and commercial customers” (Boeing, 2011).   Upper management staff   used   planning to implement this innovative approach of using technology to help Boeing receive much needed revenue to survive a slow period in passenger plane sales.
Boeing is still at the forefront of technology.   One example is a new composite for fuselages instead of the standard aluminum (Wallace, 2005).   Another example is the recent development of X-15 Waverider that combines the efforts of Boeing and Pratt and Whitney Rocketdyne.   “This past May it completed the longest hypersonic combustion (scramjet) powered flight in aviation history, reaching a speed of about Mach five, or five times the speed of sound. Officials from Boeing from both companies say the future applications are beyond exciting.   They range from high speed military operations, commercial flights and improved access to space.   Engineers...