Bodyline Bowling

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  |[Bodyline bowling and the 1932-1933 Anglo-australian test series]                                                                         |
|Bodyline Bowling, or Leg-Theory, was a tactic employed by the English Cricket team against the Australians in the 1932-1933 Ashes Test   |
|Series. Bodyline bowling is the deliberate bowling of a short delivery down the leg-side aimed at the ribcage and head of the batsmen.   |
|This would then cause them to loft the ball in to a packed leg-side field where they would hopefully be caught.                           |

  Role of Test-Cricket in Anglo- Australian relations

  Reasons for the development of Bodyline Bowling
  There were many reasons for the development of Bodyline bowling. The main reason for which Bodyline bowling was used was to minimise the effects of key Australian batsmen
  Controversy over Bodyline Bowling in the 1932-1933 Test Series

  Social and Imperial implications of the Bodyline controversy
  Throughout the 1932-1933 Test series there was a series of telegrams which were sent back and forth between the English and Australian Governments, more accurately the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) (England) and the Australian Board of Control (ABC) (Australia), discussing whether or not the implementation of the tactic of Bodyline bowling...