Bob Marleys Affect on People

Hello and welcome to today’s initiation to the artist’s hall of fame. My name is ............... and I’m a university ambassador here to talk to you about the latest monumental unveiling. Today we are all gathered here today to recognise Bob Marley’s accomplishments and why he will be placed into the Artists’ hall of fame. Bob Marley had an extraordinary life, and lived it to its fullest; growing up in a poverty-ridden family, he lived a hard life, but still found the inspiration to make music. I’m here in front of you today   to tell you a small amount about Bob Marley’s life, his accomplishments, how his race and how he grew up influenced the way he perceived most things, his beliefs, and most importantly what his songs actually meant and how they portrayed issues that were than very key political disputes.
                  Robert Nesta Marley or Bob Marley as most of you all know and refer to him as; was born on February 6, 1945, in St Ann, Jamaica. His mother was an 18 year old Jamaican woman, a teen mum; which was much frowned upon in the 40’s and 50’s and still is to this very day. Bob Marley experienced a youth; jam-packed with poverty and violence.   Many people to this day think Bob Marley either committed suicide or overdosed on drugs but in actual fact he did not. On May 11, 1981 Bob Marley passed away at the early and young age of 36. Prior to passing away, he was diagnosed with melanoma tumours in his liver, lungs, and brain.
                Bob Marley has accomplished so much in his life, and lived life to its full potential, without hesitation. He has been awarded so many honours, even after he passed away. These are just some of the outstanding ones he was presented:
2002- Got nomination for Grammy award
2001- Won Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award
2001- Got nomination for Grammy Award
1981- Won Jamaican Order of Merit
2005- Won Posthumous Achievement Award
1978- Won Peace Medal of the Third World from the United Nations
1992- Won Q Award...