Bob Marley

Jessica Dickinson
Mrs. Cochran
English II
September 23, 2010

Every Little Thing Gonna Be Alright

Bob Marley is known all over the world not only as a international record seller but as a religious figure as well. As big as the Beatles were, you hardly see Beatle shirts around anymore. When was the last time you saw Michael Jackson flag, or a Bob Dylan sarong, or Madonna rolling papers? All this exist in Bob Marley, Rasta form. Marley was a world wide musician as well as a radical political leader, and an all over artist of love and humankind.

On February 6, 1945 in St. Ann Jamaica a little Jamaican boy was born in his
Grandfathers house, his name was Robert “Bob” Nesta Marley. In Marley’s teenagers
Years him and his mother, Cedella Marley, moved out of St. Ann to a town called
Trenchtown (West Kingdom) to look for a job. Bob and his friend Naville “Bunny” Livingston attended a music school together which was held by the famous Jamaican singer Joe Higgs. When bob was 16, he wanted to follow his dream of being a musician. Through the years of being rejected of his soulful music, his life started to look brighter on February 10, 1966 when Bob Marley married Rita Anderson. The very next day Bob left for the United States to visit his mother in Delaware. When Bob returned to Jamaica him and his band, the Wailing Wailers, got fed up with there label and decided to not find another and just to start there own, Wail ‘n’ Soul. Through out the years, Bob Marley and his band took off! In the spring of 1973 the Wailers arrived in London to kick off their three month tour of Britain. After they returned to Jamaica his best friend and band mate decided to quit touring, he was replaced by Joe Higgs. Not to long after that the Wailers and Higgs traveled to the US to start touring there.

Marley was well known for his devotion to the Rastafarian religion. As a Rasta, Bob Marley was a great defender of cannabis which he used as a sacrament. On the cover of Catch a...