Bmr 2

Name: Valerio

The Context: Student to student conversation

Genre: Conversation between Valerio and Landon whilst working in pairs researching religions so that they could complete the worksheet prepared by the teacher

Field: Religions, in particular Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam and Sikhism  

Tenor: Landon and Valerio

Mode:   Face-to-face and the conversation was accompanied by doing

Outline what you would expect to be the key stages or steps in the interaction

To introduce the method of how they would carry out the research.   Either to do it individually and share information or work in pairs.

To decide which religion to research first.   Would they base their decision on the order of the religions listed or would it be based on the books available?

Once a book has been chosen, the students will discuss how best to look for this information in the book.   By looking through the pages, using the contents or index page.

When appropriate information in book has been located, how this will be written in note form on the worksheet. A discussion will be held on what words will be used.

Once information has been recorded, confirmation will be required through discussion about whether they have used the same words.

To repeat the above steps when approaching the next religion

What other assumed ‘rules’ are there in this type of interaction?
Eye contact
Facial expressions
Hand gestures
Body language
Personal distance suggested that they were very comfortable with working with each other

Was it a successful interaction?
Yes, the students worked well together and the worksheet was completed. Valerio was very competent in sharing his ideas and was not shy in reading the text from the books.  

What support or accommodations did others in the interaction need to provide?
Valerio frequently mispronounced words or used them incorrectly during conversation and when reading out technical and some...