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Group communication has different variety of ways to be done in the 21st century.   One way of communicating these days is audio and videoconferencing.   The audio conferencing can consist of net-phones, web phones or net to phone programs it allows a personal computer to function as a telephone with an attached microphone and speakers.   Microsoft Networking and White Pine’s CUseeMe, as well as new software such as Micro soft Windows Media Encoder all are forms of video communication.   With video software it allows users of computers with attached microphones, speakers, and video cameras to communicate verbally through an audio connection, participate nonverbally through transmitted video images of the participants.   The quality of the audio is very important.   It could cause some speaker’s voices to be too soft or some to be too loud.   Video image is a communication challenge for video conferencing.

Small group communication can also be associated with transactional process of using symbolic behavior to achieve shared meaning among group members over a period of time.   The development of social emotional relational communication and shared meaning among group members is social presence.   The amount and diversity of task and social communication that is facilitated by a medium and describes a participant’s feelings can be associated with Social presence.

In my experience in working with groups I have learned that a goal has to be set.   Also techniques need to be put into place to reach those goals.   Brain storming is the most popular and useful technique for effective problem solving.   The more ideas thought is a good thing.   All of the group’s ideas should be welcomed.   No one person should criticize the others ideas, a person should be allowed to have free wheeling.   If the brainstorming is done well , it can produce a large number of original ideas.   When the brain storming is complete the ideas need to be sorted out.   Make sure prioritizing is done so that...