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      To: Myra Reid, VP of Production

      From: Martha Stuart

      Date: 6/13/2011

      Re: Sales forecast

      As requested, the advertising budget, production level, and stored stock were reviewed for the upcoming fiscal year.

      Blue Inc. has been trying to determine how to use their advertising dollars to be more effective during the next fiscal year. It has been noted that competitors that have higher advertising budgets have higher sales in comparison to prior years advertising budgets and sales at Blue Inc. It was requested that an analysis be done if it would be in the best interest of Blues Inc to raise the advertising budget in the upcoming fiscal year or to leave the budget the same as prior years. The ultimate goal being to increase sales.   After much consideration it is my recommendation that we set an advertising budget this fiscal year of $160 million. An advertising budget of this magnitude should allow for a profitable year in sales.

      The denim industry is also anticipating a 5% growth rate over this next fiscal year. It is the intention of Blues Inc to keep and maintain their 6% of the market share in denim.   If Blue Inc. modifies the production levels we can increase our production levels to 47 million units. By doing this we stay at a 6% market share.

      It was also determined that we needed to take a look at how much stock to keep on hand over the next few quarters. We keep stock on hand in order to ensure that we can meet demand and to keep our stores stocked. It would be in the best interest of the organization to keep the following totals in stock over the next four quarters.

      Quarter 1: 11-12 million units

Quarter 2: 13-14 million units

Quarter 3: 12-13 million units

Quarter 4: 19-20 million units

These numbers were based off...