Blood Disorders

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Blood Disorders
Diane Skeete Comer
Deborah Branham

Lily a four year old [four-year-old is a hyphenated word]   girl of Caucasian decent kept on complaining about feeling tired and fatigued and is very hard to please when it came to eating. She was diagnosed with Iron deficiency anemia; she only ate pasta, hot dogs and drank artificial flavored juices, because her single mother who is on minimum wage could not afford a proper nutritious diet consisting of dark green leafy vegetables or dried beans and milk to provide iron supplement.  Lily’s diet was below the par level for nutrition caused her to suffer from Iron deficiency anemia.
Anemia is best associated with your red blood cells production, either when it has decreased or depleted.  Because the function of the RBC's is to transport oxygen from the lungs and release it into the tissues of the body, this is such a major function so by inhibiting this process in anyway tend to put stress on the...