Blitzkrieg: an Evolutionary or Revolutionary Doctrine

The doctrine that came to be known the world-over as Blitzkrieg, did not develop in a vacuum, nor was it some radical departure from Prussian-German military thought.   In its simplest construct, Blitzkrieg involves the utilization of mobile forces for the purpose of achieving a break-through, which would then exploited through a rapid penetration into the enemy’s rear areas.   This concept was not revolutionary in and of itself, as maneuvering behind the enemy and taking him in the rear or via a flanking attack has a proud tradition in Prussian-German military history going back to the Great Elector himself.
Was Blitzkrieg more evolutionary rather than revolutionary?   What are the optimal conditions for a Blitzkrieg campaign?
What is Blitzkrieg?

Some time must be spent on this word Blitzkrieg.   When was it first used?   Unfortunately, the history of the term is not easy to pin-down.   Some historians have ascribed the coining of the term to Hitler, while Hitler ascribed it to the Italians; others, including John Keegan and Matthew C. Cooper ascribe the term to American journalists with Time magazine, and there are still a variety of other claimants owed to truly atrotious mistranslations of German to English.   Fanning was only able to locate two instances of its use in Germany before September 1939: an article which appeared in the Militär-Wochenblatt and a speech given by General Georg Thomas, who was effectively the Chief Quartermaster of the Wehrmacht.   Fanning maintains that usage of the word prior to September 1939 was purely confined to the conceptualization of the “knockout blow” against the enemy’s fielded military center of gravity.   Though the terms—“blitzkrieg”, Überfallskrieg or attaque bruquée—were different, they all described “a sudden, rapid strike against an enemy;”   a strike which would, “in a matter of hours or days” shatter the enemy’s will to resist, morale and compel his suing for peace in hopes of still having some bargaining power....