Blind Love

Blind Love     1

      Blind Love
  Matthew Antwan Scott
  ENG 125 Introduction to Literature
                                                      Raymond Nowak

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      Blind Love
      I’m writing on the short story “How I Met My Husband” by Alice Munro.   The story is told in first-person narration of a young girl named Edie. The author lets the reader imagination interpret the story. Setting the theme that Edie, a fifteen-year-old goes through an experience that leaves her more grown up than a fifteen should ever be. However, the thoughts and actions of a younger Edie are understood may not be what the reader understands.
      Young Edie’s reality in this situation is misplaced, because of her strong desire for someone to love her; it is evident in her telling of how she longs for a boyfriend or someone to kiss. She yearns for Chris to love her, she starts believing that he does. This makes it easier for her to believe that Chris will send her a letter.
      Chris felt the urge, but wasn’t going to allow him self to go all the way with Edie. He wasn’t going to overstep his boundaries by kissing her at all. Chris’ unwillingness to be faithful should have been a warning sign to Edie, but she continued to see him blindly, because she was disillusioned by her infatuation.
      The desired reality Edie creates for her self makes it difficult for her to distinguish between what she would like to happen, and what is really happening.
She is I’m assuming a beautiful girl, but she allows herself to get caught up in her fatal attraction towards this pilot to the point where she becomes jealous of his fiancée.
      Edie doesn’t seem to find anything good about Alice Kelling, saying there was “nothing in the least pretty or even young-looking about her,”...