While reading Songs of Experience/Innocence I realized that Blake must have had a lot of experience within the christian religion. I also think that something in his life made him this passionate about god and religion. His poems say it all. They are deep, they are about children, and they are powerful. I think Blake has a deep connection with god and he expresses it throughout his poetry.
After reading the two novels, I think Blake has a strong connection to children. In one poem particicular I found it to prove that Blake truly loves children.
“I have no name…
Joy is my name…
Sweet joy befall thee.”
These are lines taken from Blake’s poem Infant Joy; they clearly display Blake’s love of children. The poem is showing a new born baby who is happy and full of life. The first sentence where the baby has
no name could mean that the baby could not be placed into any category of whether it is a boy or a girl.
The baby then calls itself joy so that it can be happy and live a joyful life. The last line shows that the mother is wishing the baby a life full of joy. This poem, Infant Joy, has been taken from the collection
of poems called ‘Songs of Innocence.
In my opinion, Blake wrote these poems so that children could read them or they could be read to children. I think Blake wrote the poems because as a child he didn't grow up in such a great place and wish he had some kind of guidance and these poems are to guide the lives of children through god and spirtual meanings. It could be far fetch but there is many poems that point to Blake trying to reach out to children being the audience.
The criticism of the church by Blake is very harshly displayed in the
poems.   Blake writes about a little baby unwilling to stay in the church. The baby feels unwelcome and wishes to go elsewhere. This is identifying Blake’s dislike of the church because he thinks they should offer more charity to the poor. I don't think this means Blake doesn't believe in god. I just...